Auffusion: Leveraging the Power of Diffusion and Large Language Models for Text-to-Audio Generation

Jinlong Xue1, Yayue Deng1, Yingming Gao1, Ya Li1

1Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing, China


Recent advancements in diffusion models and large language models (LLMs) have significantly propelled the field of AIGC. Text-to-Audio (TTA), a burgeoning AIGC application designed to generate audio from natural language prompts, is attracting increasing attention. However, existing TTA studies often struggle with generation quality and text-audio alignment, especially for complex textual inputs. Drawing inspiration from state-of-the-art Text-to-Image (T2I) diffusion models, we introduce Auffusion, a TTA system adapting T2I model frameworks to TTA task, by effectively leveraging their inherent generative strengths and precise cross-modal alignment. Our objective and subjective evaluations demonstrate that Auffusion surpasses previous TTA approaches using limited data and computational resource. Furthermore, previous studies in T2I recognizes the significant impact of encoder choice on cross-modal alignment, like fine-grained details and object bindings, while similar evaluation is lacking in prior TTA works. Through comprehensive ablation studies and innovative cross-attention map visualizations, we provide insightful assessments of text-audio alignment in TTA. Our findings reveal Auffusion’s superior capability in generating audios that accurately match textual descriptions, which further demonstrated in several related tasks, such as audio style transfer, inpainting and other manipulations.


  • Auffusion generates text-conditional sound effects, human speech, and music.
  • The LDM is trained on a single A6000 GPU, based on Stable Diffusion using cross attention.
  • Auffusion's strong text-audio alignment enables text-guided audio style transfer, inpainting, and attention based reweighting and replacement manipulations.

  • Figure 1: An overview of Auffusion architecture. The whole training and inference process include back-and-forth transformation between four feature spaces: audio, spectrogram, pixel and latent space. Note that U-Net is initialized with pretrained text-to-image LDM.

    Text-to-Audio generation

    Short Samples:

    Two gunshots followed by birds chirping A dog is barking People cheering in a stadium while rolling thunder and lightning strikes

    Acoustic Environment Control:

    A man is speaking in a huge room. A man is speaking in a small room. A man is speaking in a studio.

    Material Control:

    Chopping tomatos on a wooden table. Chopping meat on a wooden table. Chopping potatos on a metal table.

    Pitch Control:

    Sine wave with low pitch. Sine wave with medium pitch. Sine wave with high pitch.

    Temporal Order Control:

    A racing car is passing by and disappear. Two gunshots followed by birds flying away while chirping Wooden table tapping sound followed by water pouring sound.

    Label-to-Audio Generation:

    Siren Thunder Oink
    Explosion Applause Fart
    Chainsaw Fireworks Chicken, rooster

    Unconditional Generation:


    TTA Generation with ChatGPT Text Prompt

    Birds singing sweetly in a blooming garden A kitten mewing for attention Magical fairies laughter echoing through an enchanted forest
    Soft whispers of a bedtime story being told A monkey laughs before getting hit on the head by a large atomic bomb A pencil scribbling on a notepad
    The splashing of water in a pond Coins clinking in a piggy bank A kid is whistling in a studio
    A distant church bell chiming noon A car’s horn honking in traffic Angry kids breaking glass in frustration
    An old-fashioned typewriter clacking A girl screaming at the most demented and vile sight A train whistle blowing in the distance

    Multi Event Comparision

    spacespaceTextDescriptionspacespace Ground-Truth AudioGen AudioLDM AudioLDM2 Tango Auffusion
    A bell chiming as a clock ticks and a man talks through a television speaker in the background followed by a muffled bell chiming
    Buzzing and humming of a motor with a man speaking
    A series of machine gunfire and two gunshots firing as a jet aircraft flies by followed by soft music playing
    Woman speaks, girl speaks, clapping, croaking noise interrupts, followed by laughter
    A man talking as paper crinkles followed by plastic creaking then a toilet flushing
    Rain falls as people talk and laugh in the background.
    People walk heavily, pause, slide their feet, walk, stop, and begin walking again.

    Cross Attention Map Comparision

    Auffusion-no-pretrain Auffusion-w-clip Auffusion-w-clap
    Auffusion-w-flant5 Tango

    Text-Guided Audio Style Transfer

    From cat screaming to car racing.
    From bird chirping to ambulance siren.
    From baby crying to cat meowing.

    Audio Inpainting Examples

    Ground-Truth Masked Result Inpainting Result

    Attention-based Replacement Examples

    Source Sample Target Sample

    Attention-based Reweighting Examples

    Source Sample Target Sample

    Other comments

    1. We will share our code on github, which aims to open source the audio generation model training and evaluation for easier comparison.

    2. We are confirming the data-related copyright issue, after which the pretrained models will be released.


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